First change

Okay so this is my first story ever, vanilla or otherwise so please bear with me. It’s based on true events but details were removed and names changed.


First change!
by LittleMiss_Lily

My uncle is tall, and very strong… but he’s also very sweet. He told me he was going to pick me up at 3:30 and he wasn’t late. I was getting really excited and was about to go to the front seat but he kindly reminded me that little girls weren’t allowed on the front seat. Silly me!

He buckled my seat belt and we got to that house on Kent street. We were going to a birthday party! I was very excited because it was my first birthday party with my new little friends and my first time going anywhere with my uncle.

I was the first at the party. I was really nervous because my other friends weren’t there yet. Uncle gave me apple juice in my sippy cup so I had something to do with my hands other than cuddling my plushy, miss bunny.

My friends finally arrived at 4:30, which seemed like decades later for my little self. As I was sitting in the living room, watching my friends coming and going I noticed that the apple juice was making its way in my body, going from my stomach to my kidneys, to my bladder… and to my diaper!

I was very shy, because I knew that when my uncle was here I was not allowed to change myself. He must have picked up on it because I was much quieter and less giggly.

“What’s wrong little girl? Everything okay?” asked my uncle, kindly. “Do you need more juice?” he added.

I just grunted… I knew what was coming. He would eventually know I used my diaper. I didn’t know how he would react. I was afraid he would not be happy because he didn’t want to miss the party to have to change me. I really didn’t want my uncle to be unhappy.

He looked at me in the eyes. “Use words sweetie pie, I don’t understand grunting language!” he said. I just giggled and started playing with his hand.

His gaze locked with mine. He understood. “Do you need to change darling?”

I nodded.

He got up and went to look for a room that was somewhat private. He took my Hello Kitty backpack with him. I then realized that my friends started to look at me. I became tomato-red because I knew they were going to realize that I wet myself and needed to get my diaper changed by my uncle.

One of the adults looked at me and started chuckling. He was one of the hosts so I had to be very nice. When I’m not nice my uncle has to discipline me and I didn’t want a spanking in my wet diaper.

“Lily wet herself? She needs a change?” the host asked out loud. He already knew the answer. I hid under my blanket. I then heard my name…! It was my uncle! I knew that I was going to be in deep trouble if I didn’t go right then!

I got up right then. My petticoat dress rode up to my navel, exposing my diaper to the world. Even with my onesie and my tights on, you could clearly see my very wet state. I waddled down what seemed like death row towards the hostess’s bedroom. It was a very cute bedroom obviously decorated for a Hello Kitty fan. Rows of diapers could be spotted on the table which clearly indicated that this room was more of a nursery than a toddler’s room.

My uncle was standing and I saw a changing mat on the bed. I was about to go straight for the bed but then my uncle took my hand and brought me close in a tight embrace. “It’s okay little girl, uncle is gonna take care of his niece.” said my caretaker.

He then sat me down on the mat and removed my booties. Then I laid back and looked at the ceiling, pacifier in my mouth, and started humming to myself. He then got on me and kissed my forehead. I smiled, happy and content. He then proceeded to take off my tights, and then unsnapped my onesie.

“That’s a wet diaper uh little one!” said my uncle. I giggled. He started to remove it… The tapes were hard to take off.

“You might have trouble removing the tapes, this brand is…” I was about to finish my sentence when I got that look… the look that tells me to shut up. That I was about to step over the line and had to make smart choices. Then he looked at me kindly. “Who is in charge here?” said my uncle. “You are uncle.”

“Bum up! He said before he removed my wet diaper and put it aside. My private parts were up in the air and it was not as cold as I thought it would be. Then came the wipes!

“Colddddddddddd!” I said to my uncle. “It’s okay sweetie, it’s to make sure you’re all clean and fresh for your new diaper.” he told me.

He then took my new diaper and placed it under me. I was about to protest, saying he forgot the powder before he gave me the look again! I knew that next strike meant a spanking so I stopped immediately. Then, he sprinkled powder on me and started rubbing gently; making sure that all my diaper area was covered. Then he started wiping the leftover on my face, adding a little more white to my smiley face.

My bum was almost ready and uncle knew our private time was almost over. He taped my diaper but not before giving me another kiss on the forehead. He then resnapped my onesie, put my tights back and with a great big hug told me he was proud of his little niece who didn’t make a fuss.

I was now going to have to face my friends, who knew what had just happened while we were away. I closed my eyes and tried to calm the butterflies but then I felt strong arms taking me close. With that hug I knew that my uncle was going to make it all better…