Idle no more. A poem against assault and abuse in the community.

Twas a dark and snowy night,
I had circled the date,
Before I could join my friends
At the littles’ playdate.

Mostly excited,
Slightly apprehensive,
To most of my friends
I must’ve seemed pensive.

Although today I received
Some bothering news,
If I told my husband,
he wouldn’t be amused.

I have this tendency
Of making myself a target,
To a lot of predators,
I’m like an open market.

I was assaulted once,
But didn’t learn my lesson,
Because it seems that my heart
Doesn’t want to hear reason.

I like to keep things private,
As I think we all should,
Unfortunately this time,
I tried all I could.

The slogan “idle no more”
Comes to my mind,
Probably because
We’re of the same kind.

We were told to keep silent,
So that the peace could be kept,
While they walked around parading,
we silently wept.

This site is not different
Than regular society.
You can stop the abuse
Even if you are propriety.

Pony personality

It’s funny because I did the same test a year ago.

It’s a little test on the Internet about which My Little Pony character you are.

My friends pegged me as Pinkie Pie because I was just crazy hyperactive and silly.

I have always been sure that it wasn’t the case but it grew on me.

Then I started taking medication for a mood disorder I got diagnosed with. And then my “real” personality came out I think. The one who is actually the introvert I am.

So just for the fun of it… I redid the test:

You are: Fluttershy

While you tend to be a bit of a “delicate flower”, you have inner strength just waiting to blossom. First of all though, you need to build up your confidence- because you can be far too insecure with yourself. But there are many positive elements to your sensitive side too; for starters, you’re a real sweetheart! Without fail you’ll do your best to look after a friend in need and care for them with all the love you have, and with your softness, gentle nurturing and peace-making ways you can help relax anyone in a crisis. Some would say you’re as sweet as honey!

What do you guys think?