A year later. Growing up and stuff.

Last weekend it marked a year since I’ve met my first ABDL/Little who wasn’t in the mirror. And as I like to do each year usually in my vanilla life, I like to review what happened in the past year but this time, with a kinky twist.

First the shyness, I was gonna go to my first munch at the end of February but choked out on it, being to scared of being judged or worst. I was so scared that during that day, even though I could only think about the munch that I missed, I decided to write to the only other active girl in the Montreal Littles and Ageplayers (at the time, it was a smaller group).

At that point, my nickname was Baby_Lily. That’s how I felt then, I felt like a baby opening up to this new world in front of her eyes. That quickly changed, after meeting “the boys” (the other two of the fantastic four), I changed my nickname to LittleMiss_Lily, as I was already ready to take charge and I felt powerful.

After my first encounter with the other fantastics, we started a skype chat for our group which is still active today. We would tell each other everything and eventually I invited them over to my parents’ house (who were away at the time) for a sleepover party, not realizing that I invited people to my first “playdate”. I still remember how much fun I had that night making a blanket fort, watching movies, falling asleep during movies, waking up covered in plushies…

And then came my first munch. I had a panic attack that morning but the other 3 organizers were right by my side and well… I was their ride so I HAD to go. And I remember how much fun it was even though I was shy in my corner and spent most of the munch colouring with another girl.

But then I drank the kool-aid. I was overly excited about everything and jumped with both feet into the BDSM community with a thirst for knowledge, and play. I tried pretty much everything I learned about, from spankings to fireplay to needle play to breathplay. I’ve tried having one sub, then another one, then I had a protege as well. I was going through play partners like I was going through diapers.

Then I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 disorder (which ended up being a misdiagnosis… I’m only ADHD!). And I hit a wall. I started to take extremely numbing medication that made me stop pretty much everything BDSM related. I wasn’t really ageplaying either other than diapers but that’s for a medical reason so yeah…

Then school started, and my life became very hectic. I was running around like crazy, and didn’t have much time for a personal life. My fiancé became my priority. Then we got married and as the Starks predicted, winter came.

Life takes you all sorts of directions when you’re married. Especially when you met the guy less than a year prior to said wedding. He is my rock, my lifesaver, my lighthouse when I’m weak, drowning and lost. We went through a lot together and I’m glad I never have to face hardships alone any more.

Then we got a goal, our goal was to move to Toronto in order to join our friends, by that time I was PrincessLilybear, the princess in the far away castle, missing her big sister lots and lots and going to the greater Toronto area every month to keep my sanity and to join on the playdates there too. I made a lot of friends in the area and we decided that it was where we both wanted to live.

At that time, my ageplay and my vanilla life were already blending a lot. I was know in school as the girl with the pretty bows, or cute dresses and toys all around (I did a presentation in grad school with a puppet!). Then my friends at Ubisoft introduced me to Aurora, and to the magical world of Lemuria, where, I was told, a little girl that looked a lot like me went on a legendary quest. (And that’s all I can say about that without breaking non-disclosure agreements) As I was playing through this game, it made me realise how many of my own quests I went through and finished successfully during that year and then took on the nickname I have today, LittleAurora.

As I’m now in my cruise speed when it comes to kink (where nothing floats but ageplay), I’m realizing that I’ve grown a lot in the past year. Went from baby, to toddler, to princess. And then I went back to toddler princess, and now to baby princess (although if you ask me I’ll deny it) but still a little more mature than a year ago, almost day to day.