Why my Daddy took me to school and picked me up, and why it is sexy!

Sooooooo, you might have read the writing I posted this morning about triggers.Warning: This post might be triggering for you.

Here is one of mine. I am afraid to use public transit. That is because in 2009, I was sexually assaulted, beaten up and left for dead by an armed man that had followed me from the subway to the bus, to the alley I used as a shortcut to get home.

I haven’t taken transit since… That is, until I decided to face that fear as a New Year’s resolution and took the Toronto transit on January 1st. It was a different experience for me although quite similar, as the assault happened in Montreal.

My Daddy and Big Sister took me on the subway there and then I tried taking a streetcar (never been in a streetcar before). I was very very scared and had my eyes closed for the most part of it, but it ended up being fine and I was very proud of myself.

Now, I would prefer to use my car but the parking at my school is ridiculously expensive. My Daddy and I decided we would try taking the Montreal subway to go to school to save money.

Now I was really scared… but, the whole time he was there, holding my hand and took me to school. And when I was done with my class, he came to bring me home, still holding my hand, making sure I was safe.

And he’s planning to do it until I feel more comfortable taking it by myself.

And that, my friends, is what being a Daddy is all about. He makes me want to face my fears, and he is always there to catch me when I fall.

And that is sexy!